Battery recycling has become a significant issue for more and more industries and residents as they realize the importance of preserving our valuable natural resources.  Along with increased awareness of preservation, our households have become more reliant on machines and gadgets that require battery power.

Dubois Battery offers the opportunity to help you or your business recycle used or unwanted batteries.  Whether it is a single unit batter or a larger quantity, Dubois Battery will help you take care of the recycling measures.

As a leader in recycling and distribution, we provide full life cycles for batteries.  Dubois Battery also has experienced and professional staff capable of handling your specific recycling case and ensuring all batteries are recycled all necessary specifications.


When batteries go down or fail, you need a quick solution to get your equipment or gadget back up and running.  Dubois Battery offers professional repair services to evaluate, test, and provide recommendations to help bring your battery back to life.

Dubois Battery not only provides simple battery repair, but also custom battery building to help develop the battery that is best for your operation.

Our unique drive-thru facility allows for in-and-out battery repair for customers who simply need to drop off and later pick-up a repaired battery.  The drive-thru facility works well for those in need of battery repair on a vehicle or piece of equipment that may be brought into our drive-thru facility on the hitch or a flat bed of a vehicle.

Repair services include, but are not limited to, battery and charger repair, on-site maintenance and cleaning, and other battery repair services.

Depend on Dubois Battery.  Quality since 1919.